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The National Transport Authority has now applied to An Bord Pleanala for the
Belfield/Blackrock to City Centre Core Bus Scheme which will affect us and our
environment. This application may be our last opportunity to make an observation or

Given this proviso, we recommend you take time of look at the documentation either on line
at: www.belfieldblackrockscheme.ie or in person at the National Transport Authority, Harcourt
Lane, Dublin 2, D02 WT20.

Submissions/observations may be made to An Bord Pleanála (Strategic Infrastructure
Division), between Tuesday 17th May and 5.30pm Tuesday 12th July 2022. Any
submissions/observations must be accompanied by a fee of €50.

The application is extremely comprehensive and detailed. For your information, we have
extracted some of the physical proposals in our area below. Please see the General
Arrangement Drawings at: https://belfieldblackrockscheme.ie/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2022/05/General-Arrangement-Drawings.pdf

Page No. 18, Sheet No. 15:
– Travelling towards town, there will be no right turn onto Sandymount Avenue.

Page No. 19, Sheet No. 16:
– From the Dodder bridge there will be no right turn onto Shelbourne Road.
– There will be a new bus stop at the Ulster Bank
– Revised Right Turn Ban Arrangement from Anglesea Road onto Merrion Road. At the
moment there is no right turn there.
– There will only be loading bays along Merrion Road opposite the Anglesea Road junction i.e.
no parking.

Page No. 20, Sheet No. 17:
– Kiosk to be relocated.
– There will no longer be a slip road on Pembroke Road at “the kiosk” junction from Ballsbridge
to Baggot St.
– Though it is not stated, it looks like the existing no right turn on Pembroke Road onto
Lansdowne Road will now be possible.
– There will be a left turn only onto Elgin Road off Pembroke Road. There will be no vehicular
egress from Elgin Road onto Pembroke Road.

Page No. 22, Sheet No. 19:
– Proposed No Right Turn off Mespil Road onto Baggot Street.
– Vehicular traffic lanes on Baggot St Bridge will be reduced to allow for cycle lanes in both
directions on the bridge.
– There is no bus stop from town between Herbert Street and Eastmoreland Place.
– There is no right turn from (8am-8pm) Eastmoreland place onto Baggot Street.
– There will be no through traffic from Baggot Street Upper to Pembroke Road and vice versa.
– There is NO parking at all on Upper Baggot Street.
– There will be parking on one side of Eastmoreland Place only. The other side will be a
loading bay.
– There will be no bus lane on Pembroke Road from Eastmoreland Place to “the kiosk” junction.

Page No. 27, Sheet No. 24:
– Clyde Lane cycle only from Wellington Rd end, no right turn onto Herbert Park from
Pembroke Park. (to mitigate traffic diversions as a result of the bus gateway).

You may wish to make a submission personally to An Bord Pleanala or contribute to LADRA’s
submission on your behalf.

About Us

Lansdowne and District Residents’ Association (LADRA) aims to promote and preserve the residential character of the area, to promote conservation in the area and to foster community spirit.