Chairman’s Report to LADRA AGM – April 2013

Chairperson’s report.


April 2013



1.      Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our 2013 annual general meeting for Lansdowne and district resident’s Association.

2.      Firstly, I would like to thank Slattery’s for giving us this room for the meeting. Feel free to express your gratitude by joining us for a drink after the meeting.

3.      We have a number of items that we will attempt to get through this evening that I hope gives you a flavour of the work we do and the aims we have for the coming twelve months.

4.      Firstly I would like to review the minutes of the last meeting in 2012.


Review Minutes of last meeting and matters arising.


5.      The overall theme of our organisation is creating a community in our area. Community is so important at any time and in particular in the current challenging times we face.

6.      We would hope to continue to build on our contribution to a safe, busy and successful community in this area. Our community is evidenced by the mix of people living in the area in age, family stage and cultural background. Also our community is reflected in the physical environment we live in and the access to good public services and leisure opportunities. It is vitally important that the commercial enterprises are prosperous and successful.

7.      Our committee who will stand for re-election this evening work hard to achieve LADRA’s aims. Each committee member contributes both generally and by taking a particular interest in aspects of our community. We have a very active secretary who continues to communicate with and maintain our membership. Another committee member manages our online presence through our website. Also we have a committee member on the Project monitoring committee of the Aviva Stadium. Our latest member has a particular interest in the historical aspects of the area. One of our committee members champions the need to preserve the built heritage of the locality. Finally we have our Treasurer who manages and reports on our finances.

8.      This committee I believe does an excellent job and truly reflects the desire to promote our area as a community. We of course welcome anybody who wishes to volunteer as a committee member. In particular we need representation from Shelbourne Road and Lansdowne Road.

9.      Over the last year LADRA has organised two events, one in the summer and one in December. The specific aim of these events is to make connections between residents. The events have been very successful and are growing in attendance from year to year. Many people have now met and have found common ground with their neighbours arising out of the enjoyable experience of meeting at a BBQ on the Green or meeting for some drinks in The Chophouse. I would like to thank the Chophouse for their hospitality in December. We will continue to run these social events with the kind sponsorship of the Aviva Stadium community fund.

10.  The stadium is located in our area and affects our residents both positively and negatively. LADRA is very active in working with both the stadium and the residents to ensure the best experience for our community with the least disturbance. Whilst we cannot avoid the fact that events take place we can be diligent in the areas of Noise, waste collection and movement restrictions. To this end we work closely with the stadium.

11.  It is very important that if you have a problem, please bring it to our attention and we will raise it with them immediately and also in forum provided.

12.  John Dodd of our committee sits on the stadium Project Monitoring committee. This committee meets on a regular basis to discuss all aspects of the stadium’s impact on the community.

13.  The PMC also administers the community fund which offers grants form a total of €100,000 per year to community projects within a 1km radius from the stadium.

14.  Our residents have benefitted through funding for events and the subsidy paid for the kid’s summer camps. We do however lag behind other associations and groups who have drawn heavily on the fund. We would ask that any non private, community focused activity that would benefit from funding should contact us. John is available to chat to anybody after the meeting to outline this fund and the operation of the PMC.

15.  One aspect of our area is that we have a large amount of through traffic. Whilst there are enormous benefits of our location, this aspect brings issues of itself. In particular the vulnerability to general dirt, Graffiti and crime against residents. LADRA maintains close links with the Gardai in order to react in a timely manner to any issues. As part of the agenda this evening we would like the meeting to discuss how best we can improve our own monitoring of the area to dissuade criminal activity.

16.  LADRA is grateful for the active and proactive support of our councillors, in particular I would like to mention Maria Parodi and Kieran Binchy, who once they know of a need will do everything they can at Dublin City Council to help. Please let us know also, as we can bring these issues to them.

17.  Terry Mulally has been our most recent committee member and Terry has a particular interest in the history of the area. As we approach the centenary of the 1916 rising, LADRA wish to raise the awareness of the History of our area. We aim to develop a program of talks and information about the area. Terry would be very interested in any information that you may have. He can be contacted on

18.  Last year we launched our website The aim was to communicate with our residents and provide relevant information to the community. Des Moore manages this website and there is a lot of useful information available. Also there is a members’ area for those members who have paid their subscription in the calendar year. In that area we post minutes of committee meetings any photo’s etc of events. Also there are feeds in the general access area from Dublin city council and the RDS. Please tell us if you feel we could provide more through the website.

19.  In the built heritage and planning area we continue to monitor and react to planning applications or rezoning. If we feel something is contrary to the maintenance of the area we will discuss it at committee level and make observations or objections by a majority decision of the committee. We have made no communications with the planning authorities over the last year. This is a reflection of the development activity at present. We do however monitor closely key areas such as the jury’s site and the Vet college site.

20.  The association is funded by our members’ subscriptions. We charge €20 per household or €10 concession. For the avoidance of doubt one payment is required per calendar year if you wish to be a paid up member. Paying membership helps us carry out the work we do. I would encourage you to support us and assure that the payback goes well beyond the €20 even by the summer and December events alone.



The meeting went on to hear the treasurer’s report and re-elect the committee in full.  Ms. Marcella Higgins of Shelbourne Road was elected to the committee


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