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Arrangements for upcoming Aviva Concerts

A representative of LADRA has attended meetings with MCD and the Stadium in advance of the upcoming concert series.  Pink plays the Aviva on 20 and 21 June.  This should be as a normal concert with the gates opening about 5pm. Please note initially Gardai are planning a road closure on Shelbourne Road from 3pm, but they will review on the day to see it they can leave it later.

There are comprehensive plans in place for security and stewarding of the Taylor Swift concerts (28th to 30th June).

Leaflets will also be dropped into houses in the vicinity of the stadium.

See below a copy of this leaflet.


Aviva residents letter final pdf

About Us

Lansdowne and District Residents’ Association (LADRA) aims to promote and preserve the residential character of the area, to promote conservation in the area and to foster community spirit.