John Bruton to give the second Patrick Finn Lecture

Former Taoiseach  and EU Ambassador John Bruton has  accepted an invitation to deliver the second lecture in our present series.  The lecture will take place on this Thursday 8 November at 8pm.  His title The Econmic and Political Crisis in Europe: a Christian Response, reflects his belief that even in an increasingly secular Europe Christian faith has its place and should have a public voiceJohn Bruton is one of the few European leaders to  make the case for faith in public space.  This was very well illustrated in a lecture he gave at the recent Eucharistic Congress entitle We Need the Help of Others.  In his introduction he said “According to the Holy Father, anyone who “In search of truth, trusts only his individual actions, and does not recognise the help of others, is deceiving himself”  In this light, I would like to look at what the Eucharist means in the modern world, what it might tell us about how we should live our lives

in families, in local communities, and about how we should engage in politics. Secondly ,I will argue that believing Christians have both a right, and an obligation, to bring their faith to bear in their engagement in politics . Thirdly, I will ask what believing Christians can bring to politics that will serve the interests of everybody, believers and non-believers alike.  This is certainly not the kind of discourse we are accustomed to hearing from our public representatives who prefer to remain discreet at best in expression opinions around faith.  This promises to be an interesting evening.  As usual there will be refreshments and continued conversation afterwards.  A small donation to cover heat and lighting costs would be welcome.


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