LADRA Children’s Art Workshops – Update

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Thanks so much to those who came along and for making our first LADRA Children’s Art workshop such a success on Monday 29th August.

I hope that your children enjoyed the session – we will keep you posted as we do hope to run another similar event with Sarah Jayne over the coming months.

Thanks again to the Aviva Stadium for their generous sponsorship and to Doodlebox for facilitating the sessions.

Finally – and most importantly –  a huge thanks from the LADRA Committee to Clara Nolan who organised the workshop.

Please see below the instructions for curing clay for the second group.
The LADRA Committee


“Into a preheated oven, at 180, put the design onto a shallow tray or similar, coloured side up. I put some tin foil onto the rack that I use for cooling after baking and put the design onto that. The reason I didn’t put it into a tray with sides is that I couldn’t see what was happening. When it hits the heat, it will curl up, almost like it is going to go over on itself, but it then unfurls and when it becomes flat, take it out of the oven and let cool. The instructions said to give it three minutes, but that was too long in my oven, so I watched it carefully and it was ready to come out after 14 seconds, others have reported that it took up to a minute. It will shrink a lot and will get much thicker and stronger. When it’s cool, thread the key ring  or string on and it’s ready for use. If it’s still a bit wrinkly or curved when it comes out, you can immediately place something heavy on top to help flatten it. Or you can return it to the oven  but it likely will take a bit longer the second time.”

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