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LADRA Members’ Area

This section is for currently registered members of LADRA. It presents some photographs of community events, notices, and will gives access to approved minutes of LADRA meetings.

Ploicy and Procedures

Document Title Link
Suggested Procedures Supporting
Data Management and GDPR
Compliance for LADRA
Audit Report – GDPR
Planning Review

Bus Connects

Click here to access a report for LADRA members regarding Route 14.



AGM 2018 – Documents for review prior to meeting.

Document Link
AGM 2017 – Minutes
Chairperson’s Address/ Report (2017-2018)
Financial Report/ Accounts
Aviva Stadium SCC – LADRA Representative Report

Traffic Consultation Process 2017 – workshop (22/11/2017) output document

Traffic Consultation Process 2017 (ref. email to members about meeting on the 22/11/2017) – download form here.


LADRA Project Proposal Form (PDF) download form here.

LADRA Project Proposal Form (Microsoft Word template format)download form here.

LADRA Equipment Loan Form (Microsoft Word template format) download form here.




LADRA Strategy Process – Part 1 (for review and feedback by members)

LADRA submission to DCC regarding the Dublin City Development Plan 2016 – 2022.


Hyperlinks to summer camp (2015) websites with subsidised fees for LADRA members

LADRA Sub-committee reviews the Dublin City Development Plan 2016 – 2022.

A LADRA sub-committee is currently preparing to present a submission to the LADRA committee regarding the Dublin City Development Plan. If you have any comments please forward them to

Relevant Documents

Big Picture Issues

Background documents


(Source: Dublin City Development Plan 2016 – 2020 – Table of Contents)
1. Introduction
2. Shaping the City
3. Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
4. City and Regional Economy
5. Movement and Transport
6. Population and Housing
7. Sustainable Environment and Infrastructure
8. Green Infrastructure, Landscape, Open Space & Recreation
9. Retailing
10. Culture and Heritage
11. Community Infrastructure and Social Inclusion
12. Environmental Assessment





“Children at Play” safety sign

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