Rules of LADRA

Lansdowne and District Residents’ Association

LADRA Association Rules

  1. The association shall be called “The Lansdowne and District Residents’ Association” hereinafter referred to as ‘the Association’.
  2. The Association covers the square bounded by Northumberland Road, Haddington Road East, Shelbourne Road, Lansdowne Road, and includes Lansdowne Park.
  3. The objects of the Association are to promote and preserve the residential character of the area, to promote conservation in the area, to foster community spirit.  In order to give effect to these objects, the Association may involve itself, where necessary, in areas of activity, including matters of planning in the surrounding neighbourhood outside the immediate area of the Association.
  4. The Association shall be non-party political and non-sectarian.
  5. A member of the Association must reside at a postal address within the area referred to in Paragraph 2 above and the member’s annual subscription must be paid up to date.
  6. The annual subscription is €20 per family and €10 for unwaged/retired.  The rate of subscription to the Association may be changed by a simple majority of members present at the Annual General Meeting.
  7. Each household in the area shall be only required to pay one membership subscription.  All members of the household may participate in the Association but only two members from each household who are paid up members for the preceding year may vote in the election of the Committee for the Association.
  8. Where there is an apartment block consisting of more than ten dwellings, the Committee may make such variation order in respect of membership subscription and voting powers as it deems appropriate.
  9. A household shall comprise of a self-contained residential unit with its own postal address.
  10. A member may be suspended or expelled from the Association at a General meeting but only after such member is notified of the resolution and is given the opportunity of speaking to the meeting against the resolution and provided the majority in favour of the expulsion or suspension exceeds two-thirds of those voting.
  11. The Association shall be managed by a Committee, which shall consist of four officers, being those of the Chairperson, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and Data Management Officer together with five other representatives who will ideally come from each road – one from Lansdowne Road, one from Northumberland Road, on from Lansdowne Park, one from Haddington Road, and one from Shelbourne Road.  Members may also be elected to the committee to take responsibility for particular functions e.g. website management, Aviva Stadium Community Committee  and planning.
  12. Each member of the Committee shall have one vote and in the event of a tie, the Chairperson may exercise his/her casting vote.
  13. A member elected to an office of the Association may also stand as a Representative; however in this event, such person may exercise one vote at Committee meetings, save where such person is the Chairperson, in such case the Chairperson may exercise his/her casting vote.
  14. The management and property of the Association shall be vested in the Committee.  The Committee shall have the power to make Bye-laws and to decide on all matters in dispute and matters not provided for in the rules of the Association.
  15. A Committee meeting shall have a quorum if half the persons on the committee are present.  The committee shall meet on at least four occasions in each year.
  16. Each committee member must receive at least seven days prior written notice or notice by electronic means such as email of all committee meetings.
  17. A Committee member unable to attend Committee meetings may not send a replacement without the consent of the Committee at the beginning of any such meeting.
  18. Where a member of the Committee resigns, the remainder of the Committee may at a meeting replace the vacant position by co-opting a member of the Association onto the Committee.
  19. A General Meeting may be called by the Committee or the Hon. Secretary on receipt of a requisition signed by at least twenty members of the Association.  Seven day’s notice shall be given of any such meeting and it shall be the responsibility of each of the representatives on the Committee to notify residents on their road.
  20. All residents shall be deemed notified of any such General Meeting if the Committee decides that reasonable efforts were made to give such notice.
  21. The quorum at a General Meeting or at an Annual General Meeting shall be 10 per cent of the registered members entitled to vote at the meeting.  If a quorum is not in attendance after 30 minutes of the appointed time for the start for the meeting, the meeting shall be deferred to the same appointed time 14 days later to be held in the same location if possible.  If there are insufficient members present at the reconvened General Meeting or Annual General Meeting to form a quorum, then those present at the appointed time and date of the reconvened meeting shall form a quorum.
  22. The entire Committee must resign at the Annual General Meeting for the forthcoming year but each member of the Committee may stand for re-election if proposed or seconded.
  23. All members of the Association may vote at stipulated herein for each Officer and each Representative on the Committee.
  24. Where two or more persons are nominated to the Committee by a proposer and a seconder, elections shall take place by paper ballot.  A member of the Association shall be deemed elected by the Committee by gaining a simple majority if the ballot votes.  The Chairperson shall appoint two scrutineers to distribute, collect and count the ballots.  The scrutineers will announce the appointment without announcing the result of the vote.
  25. In the event of a tie, if one of the persons seeking election to the Committee is a standing member, that person shall be deemed re-elected.  In the event of neither person being proposed by a Standing Member of the Committee, the Chairperson shall exercise his/her casting vote.
  26. The Rules of the Association are to be freely available to all paid up members of the Association
  27. Any change, amendment or alteration in the Rules of the Association may only take place at the Annual General Meeting or at a General Meeting, providing the majority in favour of such amendment, change or alteration exceeds two thirds of the votes.


Most recent changes approved at AGM on 25-04-2018