Update on the work of the LADRA committee since April 2018.

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The following was sent to LADRA members on the 25/11/18


Hello from the LADRA committee.

I am writing to you to give you an update on some of the work undertaken by the committee over recent months.  First of all I would like to introduce the members of the committee.

The 2018 officers on the LADRA committee are:

Chairperson: Bernadette Moore

Secretary: Grace Mc Randal

Treasurer:  Joe Quinn

Data Manager: Des Moore

Alfred Guinevan is the LADRA representative on the Aviva Stadium Community Committee.  The other members of the committee are Anne Byrne, Mark Carter, Coleesa Egan and Marcella Higgins.

The Committee would like to extend our sincere thanks to the previous Chairperson Anne Byrne for her hard work and dedication to LADRA over the years.

In reflecting on the work of the LADRA committee since April 2018, I think it is helpful to consider the purpose (Objectives) of LADRA.

“The objects of the Association are to promote and preserve the residential character of the area, to promote conservation in the area, to foster community spirit.  In order to give effect to these objects, the Association may involve itself, where necessary, in areas of activity, including matters of planning in the surrounding neighbourhood outside the immediate area of the Association. (Rule 3).”


The Aviva Stadium (Sporting Events)

It has been a very busy few weeks with many sporting events in the Aviva Stadium and we would like to inform you that the LADRA website has a link to events in the Aviva Stadium and also to the  Aviva Stadium hotline number if you have any complaints.   We would ask you to “cc” info@ladra.org if you make any complaints to the Aviva hotline by email, in order that we will know about your concerns and be able to support you if necessary.


In respect of the planning application regarding No 60 Northumberland Road, the applicant has now submitted additional information as per DCC’s request (available to view under the Documents Section here). No decision has yet been made in respect of the application.


Disc Parking Times

The committee made 2 submissions to the DCC Traffic Dept. recently.   The first submission was in relation to a change to the disc parking times in Lansdowne ParkThis submission was in response to a high number of requests from residents in Lansdowne Park requesting the DCC Traffic Dept. to carry out a plebiscite of all residents in Lansdowne Park asking them if they would be in favour of extending the disc parking times to 6 days a week. 

General Traffic Concerns (Prioritised)

The second submission was as a result of the meeting convened in November 2017 with residents from Shelbourne Road and Lansdowne Park with Councillor Dermot Lacey and Senator Kevin Humphries about traffic problems in our area.  Mark Carter on behalf of the LADRA committee prioritised the problems as outlined by the LADRA members (see details on the LADRA website here) paving the way for a LADRA submission to the DCC Traffic Dept. We would like to thank Mark for this.

We have been informed that this process can take months.  We will keep you informed of any correspondence/decisions we receive back from the DCC. 

Speed Limits

New speed limit signs have been erected on Lansdowne Park and Lansdowne Road.  We have been informed that these new speed limits will come into effect on the 25/11/18.   This hopefully will address the concerns expressed about speeding in the meetings referred to above and listed on this LADRA website page.


A number or activities/projects have taken place since April 2018 which were financially supported by the Aviva Stadium Local Community Fund Scheme.  Details of all of these will be discussed at the AGM.  The committee would like to extend their sincere thanks to the following people: 

·         Anne Byrne and her family for organizing the annual BBQ.  

·         Coleesa Egan for organizing  (1) Historical Walk and (2) Historical Talk and Social Evening

·         Will and Gill Keating for organizing the Halloween Party for children.


Following the AGM in April, work re-commenced on the assessment of LADRA compliance with GDPR.  The Aviva Stadium Local Community Fund Scheme agreed to finance training/ professional expertise to support committee efforts in helping ensure LADRA compliance with GDPR.  A special word of thanks to Des Moore for assessing LADRA information technology and systems, suggesting and implementing some changes and to Claire Cunneen LADRA Member for the work she did in collaboration with Des on the development of the newPrivacy Statement.

New Year Social Event

The LADRA annual New Year Social event is planned for Saturday 26/01/19 at 8:30 PM in the Sandymount Hotel.  More details will follow later.  We look forward to seeing you all there.

Finally, if you have any suggestions,ideas or comments for the LADRA committee, please email us at Info@ladra.org.  If you would be interested in organizing a project in 2019 please email the committee with the details, before the next committee meeting which will be held on 10th January 2019

We always welcome new members so please encourage your neighbours to join LADRA.

Kind regards,

Bernadette Moore

(on behalf of the LADRA committee).

About Us

Lansdowne and District Residents’ Association (LADRA) aims to promote and preserve the residential character of the area, to promote conservation in the area and to foster community spirit.